Beginning Over, my subtitle, signals that I’m no beginner, but after a long gap in publishing my poetry and fiction, I have begun again, with new impetus, a new style, new subject matter, new projects.

I began to write in late childhood, and had fiction published by Faber and Faber and in Stand magazine in my early twenties. My play, Cadenza, was staged on the Edinburgh Fringe. Opening the page on my first published poem, I found opposite it a new poem by W.H.Auden – this was in New Measure, Peter Jay’s magazine before he founded Anvil Press Poetry.  He published my hybrid prose/poetry collection The Green Table of Infinity – praised by B.S Johnson, who in his  Aren’t You Rather Young to be Writing Your Memoirs? affirmed me in his introductory manifesto for UK experimental writing.

My new writing life  – after a long digression via philosophy, spiritual search and being a psychotherapist, I’ve immersed myself in contemporary poetry, studied with the Poetry School and Arvon, and gained an MA with distinction from Bath Spa University.  I’m on fire with poems and stories, and getting widely published in magazine and anthologies.  My full collection, A Bluebottle in Late October has now been accepted for publication.