Sample Writing

These links take you to some of my work online, sometimes directly to the page, otherwise to the volume:

2023 Poetry Publications

My Mother Unwraps My Gift of Frida Kahlo’s Me and My Parrots, Wigtown International Poetry Prize, First Prize Winning Poem, September 2023

On A Folio of Vermeer’s Paintings, Macqueens Quinterly, 2023

2023 Flash Fiction Publications
A Puff of Smoke, Ellipsis Zine, 2023

Despite Appearances Koalas are completely unrelated to bears Fictive Dream, 2023

Despite Appearances, Koalas are Completely Unrelated to Bears

NEW FLASH STORY National Flash Fiction Day 2020 Flash Flood Lionel and the Fly

I’ve had poems published in the following places:
Most recently in High Window Issue 18 Summer 2020

Anvil Press Poetry

Magma Poetry

Templar Poetry

The Warwick Review

Poetry Review

The Yellow Nib

Redcliffe Poetry

Poetry Quarterly

The Compass Magazine


The High Window

Agenda: Vol 51 Nos 1-2,3-4

Poetry Quarterly (scroll to pages 70-71 of the issue)

The Compass Magazine


The High Window


A prose sample from The Green Table of Infinity from Flash Flood 2017